1. How does the PayBySMS payment method work?

You send a text message to the PayBySMS service and receive a reply with a PIN to redeem on our website. This will provide you with one month of membership. The cost of the message will be added to your telephone bill if you have a contract. Otherwise it will be taken from the credit on your phone. Please be aware that your network provider may also charge for the text you send.

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2. How much does it cost?

The cost of membership varies depending on the country you are subscribing from and the charges applied by your network.

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3. Which networks are supported?
Australia 3 logo Telstra logo Virgin logo Vodafone logo Yes Optus logo
Austria 3 logo A1 logo ONE logo T-Mobile logo Telering logo
Belgium BASE logo Mobistar logo PROXIMUS logo
Canada Bell logo Fido logo MTS logo Rogers logo Sasktel logo Telus logo Virgin logo
Denmark Orange logo Sonofon logo TDC logo Tele2 logo Telia logo
Estonia Elisa logo EMT logo Tele2 logo
Finland DNA logo Elisa logo Saunalahti logo Sonera logo
France Bouygues Telecom logo Orange logo SFR logo
Germany Debitel logo E-Plus+ logo Quam logo Mobilcom logo O2 logo T-Mobile logo Talkline logo Vodafone logo
Ireland 3 logo Meteor logo O2 logo Vodafone logo
Lithuania Bite logo Omnitel logo Tele2 logo
Netherlands Royal KPN logo Orange logo T-Mobile logo Telfort B.V. logo Vodafone logo
Norway Netcom logo Network Norway logo Tele2 logo Telenor logo Ventelo logo
Singapore Mobile One SingTel StarHub
Sweden 3 logo Tele2 logo Telenor logo TeliaSonera logo
UK 3 logo O2 logo Orange logo T-Mobile logo Virgin logo Vodafone logo
USA AT&T logo Sprint logo Alltel logo Nextel logo Dobson logo

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4. What countries is this payment method available in?

The PayBySMS service is currently available to players from the UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore and Sweden.

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5. How long will it take for my membership to start?

You will need to wait 15 minutes after the call has been made before you can redeem your PIN. As soon as the PIN is redeemed, the membership credit will be added to your account.

If you receive a PIN but cannot, for any reason, redeem it, please contact Billing Support before purchasing another.

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6. What number do I need to send the text message to?

The number to send the text message to will be displayed during the subscription process.

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7. How do I make a payment?

Simply start a new subscription by going to our website, click on 'Start a new subscription' and follow the prompts for using the PayBySMS payment method. Please be sure to follow the instructions and ensure you understand all the points.

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8. How do I cancel my membership?

Payment will only be taken when you send a message to the PayBySMS service and are issued with a PIN. If you no longer wish to continue membership on your account, simply do not resubscribe.

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9. How many months of membership can I buy at a time?

You may buy more than one month of credit at a time. However, you can only add PayBySMS membership to three accounts at any given time. Therefore, we recommend that you do not exceed this limit, as you will not be able to make use of your additional purchased credit.

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10. How many payments will be taken?

Only one payment will be taken each time you use the PayBySMS service.

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11. The PayByPhone service is not available in my country, what can I do?

We are always looking to add new payment options for our players. If PayBySMS has not currently been implemented in your country, please do not submit a query regarding this; instead, keep an eye on our Billing pages for any new billing options, as and when we offer them. In the meantime, you may wish to consider one of the other payment methods we offer.

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12. My PIN does not work. What can I do?

First, please double check you have waited 15 minutes and are entering the correct PIN. If the PIN still does not work, please submit a billing query. You will need to provide the telephone number the call was made from, the PIN you were issued with and the date and time the call was made.

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13. I live in a country that PayBySMS supports, but the PayBySMS logo is not displayed when I try to subscribe. Why?

You will only be able to purchase membership using PayBySMS if your account has less than 14 days of membership credit remaining on it.

If you wish to use this payment method, you will need to wait until your account has less than 14 days of membership credit left.

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14. I have sent a text to the service but have not received a PIN. What is wrong?

A PIN is sent to every user who texts the PayBySMS service. We operate a reverse billing procedure, where you are only charged when we successfully send you a PIN. If you have not received the PIN, you will not be charged.

The four main reasons that this occurs are:

  • Your network provider blocks inbound premium rate text messages;
  • There was not enough money on your mobile phone to pay for a full month of membership;
  • Your text message inbox was full meaning the PIN could not be received;
  • Your mobile phone service provider was unable to send the PIN due to loss of service.

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15. How many accounts can I subscribe using the same mobile phone?

You are allowed to subscribe a maximum of three accounts using the same telephone line, at any one time. Jagex reserves the right to withhold/suspend crediting an account, without refund, if you attempt to maintain more than the allowed number of Jagex subscriptions per phone line.

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16. Why have I only received half a PIN?

There are a number of possible reasons for only receiving half a PIN:

  • Your mobile telephone service provider was unable to send the PIN due to loss of service;
  • The telephone network is busy;
  • Your mobile telephone's SMS inbox is full;
  • Your mobile telephone does not have a strong enough network signal for the PIN to be sent;
  • You did not have enough mobile telephone credit to pay for both halves of the PIN.

If none of the above issues apply and you have not received the rest of the PIN within 72 hours, we suggest contacting Surfpin for further assistance.

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17. Why did I receive fewer days of membership than I expected?

This problem is usually caused by sending an SMS to the discounted membership rate telephone number, even though your account is not eligible for the discounted rate. By attempting to apply a discounted PIN to a full-price paying account, you will pay less for the SMS, but you will also receive fewer days of membership, usually 26 days.

To avoid this issue, please ensure that you are sending your SMS to the correct number. You should go through the whole subscription process each time you subscribe, to make sure that the telephone number you are sending to is up-to-date.

If you are sure that you have sent your SMS to the correct number, but have still received fewer days of membership than you expected, please submit a billing support query. We will then investigate the issue for you.

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