1. How do I report a bug?

You can report a bug by clicking here.

When filling out the Bug Report form, please make sure you provide as much detail as you can. This will help us find the bug and fix it as soon as possible. Once we receive the form, a member of the Jagex staff will investigate it. Please note that Jagex does not give rewards to players that report bugs and we cannot guarantee we will reply to every bug report.

You should only report a bug if you have witnessed it yourself, not if you have been told about it by a friend or read about it on the forums.

A report should include as much detailed information as possible to help us reproduce the bug. A simple fact such as what game and level you were playing or what keys you were pressing can be the difference between a bug appearing or not.

An example on an unhelpful report would be as follows: 'I can't complete level two.'

A better report would elaborate on this: 'I can't complete level two of Crazy Crystals because the four boulders stacked on top of each other won't move, even when I push them, so I can't reach the last few crystals.'

The only things that you should use the Bug Report form for are bugs within the games or on the website. Any billing issues, technical support or feedback on advertisements should be dealt with through these respective links: Billing, Technical, Advertising.

If you cannot find a solution to your problem at this stage, then please contact the corresponding department for further help. We will disregard any bug reports that are not strictly bug related. For more information on what a bug is, please read question 3, below.

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2. What do I do if I see someone using a bug to gain an unfair advantage?

If you witness someone using a bug to gain an unfair advantage, please report the bug to us by clicking here. We can then investigate and take appropriate action on the bug and any players abusing it. Please note that Jagex cannot guarantee a reply to every bug report.

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3. What is a bug?

A bug is an error in the coding of a game that affects the way it runs. We consider a bug to be any piece of broken code that stops a game working as it should, e.g. your character not being able to jump in a platform game.

If you think you have found a bug you can report it by clicking here. If you find you can gain an unfair advantage by replicating the bug, please do not abuse it. Bug abuse is against the rules and players caught abusing bugs will be banned.

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4. What is bug abuse?

Bug abuse is when a player has found a bug in one of our games and is exploiting it for personal gain. When a bug has been found and can be reproduced to gain an unfair advantage, please send in report by clicking here.

Please note that bug abuse is against FunOrb rules. Please see theRules of Conduct for more information. Appropriate action will be taken against any player caught abusing bugs to gain an unfair advantage.

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5. When should I report a bug?

Do not submit a bug report if you simply need to contact Jagex.

Also, do not send in bug reports if you are simply stuck in a FunOrb game. Try taking a break from the game and coming back to it later. Alternatively, try asking for advice and hints from other players on the forums.

Only submit a bug report if you are sure you have tried all other options.

Jagex will take action against any player found abusing the bug reporting system.

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