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Magic and mayhem-filled multiplayer matches.
Wage war with the Armies of Gielinor
Where health and safety dare not tread.
How long can you last in this platform-filled fun fest?
Classic brick destruction with Brick and Brac.
Play the classic strategy game with your friends.
Rock-hard tile-based puzzle game.
Multiplayer mayhem with shapes that keep coming back!
Defend your hoard. Become the Dragon King!
Fight for pole position in this powered-up racer.
From jumpers-for-goalposts to the Diamond Division...
It's a falling block game - with a twist!
The classic game of angular skill.
Bend worlds to your will and conquer the galaxy.
Build and control giant robots and battle for supremacy.
Get four counters in a row before your opponent.
Race online in the Tortuous Temples of Torment
Paint the blocks purple in this 3D platform game.
Dominate the grid to achieve victory.
Build a spaceship and destroy your friends
Fight of the living dead: capture humans for your evil research!