A fast and frantic asteroid blaster! You'll need a quick trigger finger if you're going to survive!


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Stellar Shard is a fast and frantic asteroid blaster. Power up your ship with weapons collected from the debris and look out for the coveted Phoenix devices hidden in the rings of Saturn. Only by managing your power and keeping things under control will you survive.


1. How do I get a better score?

Destroy the asteroids and stay alive as long as possible. Also, starting from the very first level will give you a better chance of getting a high score, as you'll have the chance to battle through every level.

2. Do I have to start from the beginning every time I play?

No. Even with a free account, you can begin the game from any level you have previously reached. You can choose your desired level from the main menu.

3. How do I destroy the Gravity Wells?

An advisable method would be to concentrate your firepower on them and keep on the reverse thrust. There are other ways, though.

4. How do I get the better weapons?

What power-up appears next depends on the power-ups you have previously collected. However, the most powerful guns require a members' account to unlock.

5. What are the minimum specifications for this game?

The minimum specifications we recommend for this game are:

  • 1.0 GHz
  • 128 MB RAM

The recommended specifications for getting the most out of this game are:

  • 1.5 GHz
  • 256 MB RAM

Below is an explanation of the terms in our technical specifications.

Megahertz (MHz) / Gigahertz (GHz) is a measure of how fast your computer's processor is. This affects how quickly you can run things like games and applications.

Megabytes (MB) are used to measure how much memory your computer has. This affects how quickly your computer runs when using large programs such as games, or when you run a lot of programs at once.

Click here to get the latest version of Sun Java.

Development Team

Development: Thomas D
Graphics: Anthony A
Audio: Adam B
Quality Assurance: David H, Karl R, Joe C
Editing: Stephen R

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