Rules of FunOrb > Misuse of the forums
Effective date: 12th May 2009

You must not misuse our official forums. The Forum Code of Conduct (linked at the top of the forums) clearly details exactly what is and what is not acceptable behaviour.

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Below are some related questions which may help you to further understand and follow this rule.

1. Why do we have this rule?

This rule is in place to maintain a fun and friendly atmosphere within the forums. The main purpose of the forums is for players to help each other. This could be by chatting or trading, but always in a safe and secure environment.

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2. What is not tolerated in the forums?

The Jagex Forum Code of Conduct details exactly what is and what is not acceptable behaviour within the Jagex forums. There are also stickies at the top of each forum with explanations of aspects of the forum rules.

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3. Can I promote my fan/clan site in-game/in the forums?

It is a breach of the rules to post anything promoting a website in the forums or in the game. As such, if you do post the URL for your own clan site, you could be banned. We understand this may cause some inconvenience, but please remember that this rule is there to make it impossible for people to send players to scam sites.

To keep FunOrb enjoyable for everyone, please observe and follow our rules. We will not tolerate disruptive players, and if you break our rules your account is likely to be banned or muted. Members who are banned or muted for breaking our rules are not entitled to any sort of refund.

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