1. Which subscription methods do you offer?

The subscription methods available to you will depend on the country you live in.

A full list of payment methods, including cost, will be displayed when you select Start a new subscription on the FunOrb website.

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2. Can I pay for someone else?

You can only do this if the person you are paying for is a member of your immediate family. This is necessary to help us detect fraud. Ignoring this warning could result in any associated accounts being banned.

If you wish to purchase membership for someone outside of your family, we recommend you give them the money to allow them to directly purchase the membership for their account. Alternatively, you may purchase one of the following pre-paid payment methods: Ultimate Game Card, or Wallie Card. Pre-paid payment methods vary by country, so be sure to check that the recipient of the gift will be able to redeem the card in their country.

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3. How can I renew my subscription?

If your membership is running low and you wish to renew your subscription, you can extend your subscription.

There is no need to do this if you are paying by credit card as payment will automatically be taken each month until the subscription is cancelled.

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4. Is there a family or group discount available?

We do not currently offer any discounts for multiple subscriptions from the same family or group. Each account will require its own subscription in order to access the member benefits.

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5. Once I subscribe with one payment method, do I have to use the payment method forever?

You are free to use any of the payment methods offered to you when resubscribing. You are not locked into using one payment method.

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6. Why aren't all payment methods available in my country?

We do our best to make as many different payment methods available in as many countries as possible. However, it is not always possible to do this.

Please rest assured that we are looking to increase the number of payment methods to all our players. If a particular payment method is not available in your country, please do not submit a query regarding this; instead, keep an eye on the 'Announcements' Forum for information on any new billing options.

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7. I want to pay in my country's currency, but I can't see it listed on your site?

If your currency is not listed then we will accept payment in US Dollars, UK Pounds or Euros. The card company works out the exchange rate and will bill you in YOUR currency. There are NO extra charges placed by Jagex.

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8. Can I freeze my membership?

It is not possible to freeze membership – one day of membership credit will continue to be used each day until the membership credit on your account has expired.

If you have a credit card subscription, payment will continue to be taken each month until the subscription is cancelled.

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9. How much membership credit do I have left?

You can find this by navigating to the Account tab on the main page, then choosing Account Management from the drop-down options. On the next screen, click Account Information. Once you are redirected to a Jagex themed page (you will be asked to enter your username and password), your remaining membership credit will be displayed.

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10. What's the difference between 'unregistered', 'registered' and 'members'?

Unregistered free players can sample each of our games for free, but no highscores, Achievements or game progress will be saved. Free players can access most game content, highscores tables and many Achievements, and those with the sufficient number of Achievements will be able to access the FunOrb forums. Members have access to the forums no matter how many Achievements they have, and they can also enjoy extra expansions for many of our games.

To view the benefits that you will receive when you sign up for membership to FunOrb please see our Members Benefits page.

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11. When will my membership start?

Your membership will begin as soon as we have received and processed your payment.

Credit card subscriptions are generally processed immediately.

PayByPhone and PayBySMS subscriptions take around 15-20 minutes to be processed, after which you may redeem your PIN on our website.

If you subscribe through PayByCash, please note that the payment type you use will affect the time taken to start your membership. Further details of these can be found when you subscribe.

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12. How much membership credit will I receive for each payment?

You will receive the same number of days of membership credit as there are in the month the payment is made. For example, if you make a payment in January then you will receive 31 days of membership credit.

This is to ensure that payments made over a 12-month period will give you 365 days of membership credit (366 days on a leap year).

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13. Can I subscribe to more than one Jagex product at a time?

Yes. If you wish to change your subscription options, please go the the billing options page, here.

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14. Can I add membership to an existing account?

You will only be able to add membership to an account which has already been created. During the subscription process, you will be required to enter the username and password for the account you wish to add membership to.

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15. Can I switch membership between accounts?

We are unable to switch membership from one account to another. You will need to cancel your existing subscription and subscribe the account you wish to be a member.

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16. Do I pay per computer or per account?

Each FunOrb Jagex account you wish to have access to the member benefits must have its own subscription.

You will then be able to take advantage of the members-only features of our games with that account using any computer with an internet connection.

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17. I cannot access my FunOrb Jagex account. How can I cancel my subscription?

If you are no longer able to access your account, you should submit a password request to recover it. You can do this by selecting 'Recover a lost password' from the 'Account Management' page on www.funorb.com.

Once the account has been recovered, you will be able to cancel the subscription by selecting 'Cancel Subscription' found in the 'Account Management' section of the FunOrb website and selecting option 1 - Cancel by Account. If you are not able to provide enough information to recover your account, you will be able to cancel the subscription by following option 2 - Cancel by Card.

For customers that do not subscribe using a credit card, it is only necessary to cancel direct debit payments, as all the other payment methods are one-off, non-recurring payments.

To cancel a direct debit payment, please e-mail customerservice@paybycash.com.

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18. My account has been banned. How do I cancel my subscription?

If an account is permanently banned when payment is due, the subscription will automatically be cancelled and no more payments will be taken. It is not necessary to manually cancel the subscription in this case.

For customers that do not subscribe using a credit card, it is only necessary to cancel direct debit payments, as all the other payment methods are one-off, non-recurring payments.

To cancel a direct debit payment, please e-mail customerservice@paybycash.com.

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19. What is your refunds policy?

Refunds are given at the discretion of the management.

We do not normally refund victims of in-game scamming as there are many warnings about avoiding this on our website. We will, however, do everything we can to assist players to recover their accounts.

We also do not give refunds to players who have been banned from the game for violating the terms and conditions of use, including the rules of the game.

If your case is exceptional and feel that a refund is justified, please contact billing support providing as much detail as possible.

For PayByCash customers, please note that when making a PayByCash payment for FunOrb subscription, you agreed that:

“No refunds can be offered for unwanted membership and membership cannot be transferred between accounts.”

As such, we are unable to offer refunds on PayByCash payments.

For other payments types, please contact billing support for assistance, providing as much information as possible.

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20. What will happen to my member features if I cancel my subscription or it expires?

When the membership credit on your account expires, the member only features, including Achievements, will be frozen and you will not be able to access the member levels of FunOrb games.

All of your Achievements and game-saves will become accessible again when you resubscribe.

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21. When I go to subscribe or unsubscribe, I go to a page that doesn't look like FunOrb. Is it secure?

As long as you have arrived at the billing system from www.runescape.com, www.funorb.com, or one of our affiliates (such as www.miniclip.com), you have nothing to fear. Our billing system has been refined to make it simple to use and very secure. When you log into the system (note that some users will need to specify which country they are paying from), you should see this page:

Subscription page

The payment areas of our website use industry-standard SSL encryption when sending your details to the server. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone else to intercept your credit card details.

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22. I am no longer able to log in to my FunOrb Jagex account. How can I resolve my issue?

If you wish to cancel your credit card subscription, please select 'Cancel Subscription' from the 'Account Management' section of www.funorb.com and follow the prompts for option 2 - Cancel by Card.

If you have lost or forgotten the password to the account, you can recover it by submitting a password request via our website. You will need to select 'Recover a lost password' from the 'Account Management' section of www.funorb.com, in order to initiate this process.

Alternatively, if neither of these are possible, you can e-mail the Billing Support team at . Please provide as much clear detail as possible, including the names of any accounts you are referring to and the specific issue you are experiencing.

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23. What is a billing query?

A billing query relates to a problem with subscription details, subscribing, payment or cancelling problems. This could be experienced with all the different payment options, including PayByCash, PayBySMS, PayByPhone or credit card.

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24. How can I contact Billing Support?

You can contact us by email, at , or you can send in a billing query.

Click here to submit a query about PayByCash.

Click here to submit a query about PayByPhone.

Click here to submit a query about PayBySMS.

Please note that this is only for billing queries, so only queries relating to your billing problems should be submitted.

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