1. Can I do my work experience at Jagex?

Whilst we support the principle of work experience for students, we are unfortunately not able to offer such placement opportunities due to the amount of commercially sensitive information and personal data that is used on an everyday basis within the company.

Additionally, all of the roles within the company require a large amount of specialised training, something that would make a short term work experience position impractical to operate.

Whilst this situation might change in the future we have no plans to start up such a scheme at this time.

We do, however, offer a one-year industrial placement opportunity for university students. For more information, please see the 'Careers' section of our corporate website.

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2. Can I work for Jagex?

Should you wish to apply for one of the positions within the Jagex team then you will find a full list of available positions on our corporate website under 'Vacancies' on the 'Careers' tab.

Please note that all of the roles within the company require a large amount of specialised training so only genuine and highly skilled candidates will be considered. You will also need to be able and eligible to work in our UK offices. At this time, we are not accepting any contract, part time or “Work from home” applications.

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3. What is Jagex?

Jagex, which stands for Java Gaming Experts, is the name of the company which produces the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, MMORPG, RuneScape, and the Java minigames site, FunOrb, as well as some other small games.

In December 2001 Andrew Gower, Paul Gower and Constant Tedder got together and founded Jagex Limited as a commercial operation to take over the running of RuneScape, underlying technologies and other games developed by Andrew. RuneScape had, already by then, become a game which had had over 1 million accounts created by 2001!

The three founders set out with two immediate tasks: firstly to make the operation of RuneScape commercially viable, establishing long term advertising sales relationships, and secondly to develop a premium version of the game for subscription-paying members.

Both of these tasks were achieved soon after, and on 27th February 2002 Jagex launched the members' version of RuneScape. In the first week after launch over 5000 people subscribed, making RuneScape instantly one of the largest pay-to-play Java games in the world.

In March 2004 RuneScape was updated heavily. The new version, which is often referred to as RuneScape 2 (RS2), features a completely new game engine and vastly improved graphics.

Since that date, RuneScape has gone from strength to strength; expanding as both a game - with regular updates giving new storylines, quests and maps produced by the Content Development team - and as an ever-growing community of sociable online game players.

In 2008, Jagex expanded its presence in the gaming industry with the release of FunOrb, a mini-games website offering players an unrivalled experience in multiplayer Java gaming!

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4. What are Jagex's contact details?

We are sorry, but due to security reasons we do not offer telephone support to the players of FunOrb.

Our postal address is:

St John's Innovation Centre,
Cowley Road,
Cambridgeshire CB4 0WS,

Please be aware that:

  • No game queries, account queries, ban appeals, membership issues, or similar messages that would normally be handled via the FunOrb Messaging system will be dealt with via this address.
  • We will not be able to return any items that are sent to us, even if a returns package is included.

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5. Full Credits List


FunOrb Development

Associate Producer
Alex P

Lead Designer
Claire B

Senior Developer
Mark T

James S

Chris K
Christopher S
Dan F
David R
Gillan M
Lachlan M

Gabriel M

FunOrb Graphics Team

Graphics Team Leader
Jamie S

Senior Modeller
Anthony A

2D Artist
Laura W

Graphic Artist
Peter S

FunOrb QA Team

QA Team Leader
Nicola C

Quality Assurance
Ken L
Paul I
Reece W

RuneScape Development

Head of RuneScape
Christoph V

Project Manager
Chris K

Content Development Team Leader
Dean O

RuneScape Content Team

Deputy Team Leader
Tim C

Associate Producer
Andrew O'D

Operations Manager
Will K-W

Lead Designer
Mark O

Lead Technical Developer
Nancy J

Senior Content Editor
David O

Content Editor
William D

Senior Developers
Ashleigh B
John A
Marion C

Senior Games Designers
Chihiro Y
Tim F

Content Developers
Alex F
Anastasia S
Chris L
Christopher E
Dylan C
Frédérique G
James C
Jennie T
Kenneth M
Lewis M
Paul G
Rod C
Sebastian D
Stephen R

Technical Developer
Ian D

Upload Manager
Andrew E

Web Editor
Michelle J

RuneScape Graphics Team

Art Director
Pascal B

Lead Animator
Paul B

Lead GUI Artist
Rakesh M

Senior Animators
Chris W
David C

Brad A
Lelio C
Stuart O
Wing C
Hing C

Lead Modeller
Jonathan S

Senior Modellers
Joe R
Manuel L
Mark B
Matthew M
Matthew N
Stacey A

Alec V
Alex R
James L
Luke F
Mark C
Stephen W
Zoltan H

Senior Concept Artists
David B
Giuseppe G
Paolo P

Concept Artist
Yann B

GUI Artists
Tom G

RuneScape QA Team

QA Team Leader
Steven B

Lead QA Tester
Vicki M

QA Testers
Adam D
Alistair H
Andrew P
Florian P
Ian H
Ian H
James H
Jon-Paul S
Juliet T
Lewis R
Sarah J
Scott T
Stacey N
Thomas H

Stellar Dawn Development

Head of Stellar Dawn
Eric L

Associate Producer
Ben H

Lead Designer
Phil M

Lead Content Developer
Liam P

Lead Technical Developer
John H

Senior Game Designers
Benny P
Matthew H
Nick C
Venita P

Senior Developers
Alex M
Anthony W
Oscar G

Narrative Designers
Ian D
Luke M
Tom M

Content Developers
Craig T
Daniel J
David B
David S
Faye G
Ian G
Jose P
Rodney Q
Scott M
Stuart W

Mike A

Upload Manager
Craig B

Stellar Dawn Graphics Team

Art Director
Rasmus K H

Lead Animator
Daniel B

Lead Modeller
Stephen R

Senior Animators
Matt L
Mike T

Senior Concept Artists
Darren B
John McC
Neil R

Senior GUI Artists
Stuart N
Phil M

Senior Level Designer
Michael H

Senior Modellers
Damian C
Jay H
Tim N

Illtyd T
Gurpreet K
Simon P

GUI Artists
Stuart M
Mark T

Level Designer
Matthew B

Alan O'B
Baj S
Daniel G
Hayden B
Paul R

Stellar Dawn QA Team

QA Team Leader
Conor C

QA Testers
Alasdair M
David H
Dean D
Jamie B
Kayleigh O
Lewis L
Mark R
Ryan W
Sally R

8Realms Development

Head of 8Realms
Alex P

Lead Designer
Claire B

Lead Developer
Christopher S

Games Designer
James S

Games Developers
Chris K
Dan F
David R
Gillan M
Lachlan M
Richard G

Gabriel M

8Realms Graphics Team

Graphics Team Leader
Jamie S

Senior Flash Developer
Piotr N

Adam S
Anthony A
Laura W
Peter S

8Realms QA Team

Lead QA Tester
Nicola C

QA Testers
Ken L
Paul I
Reece W


Kris J

Operations Manager
Nick C


Chris P

Principal Designer
Chris R

Senior Game Designer
Robert W

Senior Developers
Adam B
Adam B
James B
Krista G

Content Developers
Daniel O
Ryan H
Stephen H
Thomas R
Tim W
Timothy N

Game Programmers
Carlos M
Kevin B


Art Director
Steven H

Art Manager
Tjaart K

Lead Concept Artist
Gerard M

Lead Level Designer
Nick D

Lead Modellers
Jason H
Tom S

Lead Technical Artist
Dario P

Senior Animators
James W
Mike W
Rory A

Senior Concept Artists
Samantha H
Stuart E
Tom S

Senior Modellers
Kavi M
Wayne M

David H
Salvador Y

Cinematic Designers
Bobby S
Chris T

Level Designer
Michael M

Andy N
Jessica H
Matthew M
Sam B

Technical Artist
Sam B

UI Artist
Mauro P


Lead QA Tester
Ashley H

Systems Programmer
Alan R

QA Testers
Gary L
Johnny Q
Jon S
Oliver S

Audio Team

Audio Director
Stephen L

Senior Audio Developer
Matthew S

Audio Developers
Adam B
Adam R
Grace D
Ian T
Jacob C
Michael M

Localisation Teams

Localisation Manager
Sophie B

French Localisation Team

French Localisation Team Leader
Mayeul B

French Translators
Linda H
Sophie M

French Localisation Tester
Thomas Le M

German Localisation Team

German Localisation Team Leader
Matthias P

German Translators
Christina K
Gesine P

German Localisation Tester
Dieter G

Brazilian-Portuguese Localisation Team

Brazilian-Portuguese Localisation Team Leader
Giulyanna S

Brazilian-Portuguese Translators
Silvana A

Brazilian-Portuguese Localisation Tester
Claudio D C

Core Technologies Team

Core Technologies Project Manager
Paul G

Core Technologies Lead
Maurizio S

QA Tester
Andrew C

Infrastructure Development Team

Infrastructure Lead
Jason M

Game Engine Developers
Ben D
Chris E
David G
Eugene L
Jack H
Jonathan L
Michael G
Philip B
Stuart F

Graphics Development Team

Game Engine Developers
Adam M
Duncan S
Graham R
Jorge H
Mark T
Stefano L

Core Tech Billing Team

Senior Tools Developers
Andrew P
Gianluca G
Marco A
Stuart L

Tools Developers
James H
Mark R
Thomas J

Technical Author
Richard B

Web Systems Team

Head of Web Development
Justin E

Web Systems Architect
Ian H

Web Systems Operations Manager
Simon C

Lead Web Developer
Jeremy H

Senior Web Systems Developers
Helmy E
James N
Kerrin H
Svend H

Web Systems Developers
Abby M
Andrew S
Andrew S
Carl B
Elliott H
Jason W
Mark S
Max M
Saurabh S
Serena C
Steven G
Thomas H

Senior Website Developer
Robert M

Website Developers
Adam B
Jake E
Piers M
Richard B
Veronika H

Web Systems QA Manager
Karthick G

Web QA Testers
Mallika V
Neil C
Patrick J
Raymond L
Srinivasa V

Exec Team

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technical Officer
Mark Gerhard

Chief Operating Officer
Daniel Clough

Chief Financial Officer
Riaan Hodgson

Chief Marketing Officer
Wendy Rosenthal

Chief Customer Officer
Richard Murray

Vice President of 8Realms
Phil W

Vice President of RuneScape
Daniel C

Vice President of Stellar Dawn
Rob S

Vice President of TRANSFORMERS
Kevin B

Executive PA
Sarah-Jane A

Operations Manager

Mark K

Finance & Legal Team

In-house Counsel
Mark F

Senior Accountant
Dean H

Financial Controller
Neil T

Financial Planning Analyst
Chris S

Accounts Assistant
Zoe M

Data Analysts
Christopher B
Simon S
Matthew D

Data Warehouse Administrator
Richard M

Fraud Analyst
Dave P

Finance & Administration Assistant
Graziana V

Advertising Team

Head of Online Sales
Emelia O

Online Account Executive
Chris H

Marketing Team

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Sean C

Email Marketing Specialist
Sadie A

Head of Community Strategy
Gregg B

Games Industry Researcher
Nadia Z

Marketing Account Managers
Claire B
Jonathan A

Online Marketing Executive
Neil M

Product Manager
Paul B

Traffic Acquisition Specialist
Justin W

Community Marketing Manager
Paul M

Community Management

CM Engagement

Community Manager
Zachory A

Community Coordinators
Eduardo S
Jane R
Juan P
Katharine S
Matt H
Paul C

CM Jagex Games

Community Manager
Mark G

Community Coordinators
Martin F
Philip C
Sally D

CM Languages

Community Coordinator
Ralf H

CM RuneScape

Community Manager
Steve W

Community Coordinators
Emilee M
Jonathan H
Mariana B
Matthew K
Poppy B
Timothy D
Tomas A


Community Manager
Alex J

Community Coordinators
Katie B
Ronnie L

Night Shift Community Management Team

Community Representatives
Dale E
Luiz B
Mark B

Creative Services Team

Creative Director
Peter L

Lead Designer
Chris M

Flash Animator
Adam T

Graphic Designers
Adam S
Samuel W

Negar A

Video Director
Ioannis Z

Website Designers
Lauren P
Lee M

Public Relations Team

PR Manager
Adam T

Head of Global PR
Laura W

Global Events Manager
William M

PR Assistant
Danni A

Human Resources Team

Head of Human Resources
Laura H

Recruitment Team Leader
Francesco G

HR Advisor
Sarah S

HR Assistant
Andrew M

Learning and Development Advisor
Kate L

Learning and Development Specialist
Colin R

Payroll Specialist
Olivia D

Recruitment Coordinator
Sara McN

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Peter L

Information Technology Team

IT Manager
Willemjan A

Infrastructure Architect
Thomas S

Systems Administrators
David S
Jeff H
Peder P

Desktop Support Technicians
Daniel T
Dean E
Jeroen V D
Joe S
Marcello Z
Scott E

Office and Facilities Team

Facilities Manager
Natalie B

Commercial Assistant
Anabela A

Facilities Coordinators
Angela P
Elliott S

Player Support Operations Team

Player Support Operations Manager
Emma F

Night Shift Operations Manager
Chris G

Player Support Billing Operations Manager
Kelvin P

Player Support Core Operations Manager
Tom M

Player Support Technical Operations Manager
Neil M

Performance Manager
David L

Player Support Operations Assistant
Milton L

Billing Support Team

Billing Support Shift Leaders
Daniel C
Peter I

Billing Support Representatives
Kevin B
Liam D
Nikunj G
Stuart F
Zoe D

Investigation in the Community Unit

Investigation in the Community Unit Team Leaders
Matthew P
Saunders H

Investigation in the Community Team Representatives
Adam D
Ben H
Ben W
Chris M
Harriet L
Luke P
Marianne C
Mat S
Matthew C
Samantha G
Simon G
Steve A
Thomas W

Community Safety Representatives
Daniel C
Laura A

Player Support Core Team

Player Support Team Leaders
Andy W
Daniel G
Dave B
Hayley B
Timo T

Player Support Shift Leaders
John W
Marcus M
Richard D
Roshid C
Victoria C

New Starter Trainer
Richard H

Player Support Representatives
Alexander C
Alexander M
Andrew D
Andrew M
Ben L
Carl B
Chris R
Dan M
Daniel H
David W
Douglas R
Edward F
Fraser P
Glyn F
Gregory B
Ikram A
James H
James S
Jason G
Joe B
Keith Q
Kevin G
Kristian A
Kristina S
Lee B
Lewis S
Louise W
Luke T
Mark M
Mike D
Mike F
Nabil H
Oliver H
Paul R
Paul Z
Robert C
Rupert H
Samuel M
Steven T
Thomas B
Tom M
Tom M

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