Rules of FunOrb > Encouraging others to break the rules
Effective date: 12th May 2009

You must not encourage or help others to break any of the Rules of Conduct.

Related Questions

Below are some related questions which may help you to further understand and follow this rule:

1. Why do we have this rule?

The reason for this rule is pretty obvious. Encouraging or helping others to break the rules is as bad as breaking them yourself, and therefore anyone doing so will be treated as if they were the one breaking the rule.

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2. What do you mean by encouraging others to break the rules?

Examples of encouraging or helping others to break any of the Rules of Conduct include:

  1. Attempting to convince other players that the Rules of Conduct are different from what they actually are.
  2. Trying to get a reaction from another player by using offensive language against them.
  3. Creating, distributing or advertising third-party add-ons that break our third-party software rule.
  4. Advertising or linking to real-world trading websites.
  5. Encouraging others to abuse bugs - any bugs found should be reported to Jagex immediately.
  6. Hosting, facilitating, linking to, or providing software which links to, forums/chat where users discuss behaviour which breaks rules, or help or encourage each other to do so (unless a genuine effort is made to moderate such chat and prevent such discussion).
  7. ... there are many more examples; basically, anything that makes someone else more likely to break a rule.

To keep FunOrb enjoyable for everyone, please observe and follow our rules. We will not tolerate disruptive players, and if you break our rules your account is likely to be banned or muted. Members who are banned or muted for breaking our rules are not entitled to any sort of refund.

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