1. How do I use the Forums and what are the rules on posting?

For a quick guide to starting out on the Forums, read the Forums Code of Conduct.

The Rules of Conduct also apply to the Forums, as do any forum-specific rules, which appear at the top of each forum.

More information:

To view the Forum Code of Conduct, please click Code of Conduct.

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2. What is a forum, post, thread or spam?

You can use the Forums for a number of reasons - anything from discussing the latest FunOrb game release with other players to swapping advice and playing tips. The decision is entirely up to you.

Each forum is broken down into 'threads'. A 'thread' is a list of posts on a specific topic. To view a thread, select the forum you wish to enter and click on a thread title. These are in green text.

Threads themselves are made up of 'posts', which are messages written by a player taking part in the discussion.

Occasionally, when a Jagex Moderator sees a thread which is particularly amusing, informative or important, they can make a thread a 'sticky'. Stickies are threads that will always stay at the top of a particular forum. Sometimes they contain information and clarification of rules that must be adhered to when using that particular forum - these are known as forum-specific rules. Other times, important information regarding servers that aren't currently working or other important matters are added. Keep a lookout when new stickies are added to the top of every forum.

Any other threads will be displayed lower than a sticky.

Please take a few minutes to make yourself aware of any forum-specific guideline to ensure that any posting you do within that forum complies with them.

When a player posts a pointless message which wastes other users' and moderators' time, it is known as 'spam'. Please do not spam the Forums. Think carefully about what you post.

Do not encourage spam by posting further on a spam thread. Instead, just ignore such threads or posts. If you do post further spam, you could end up with at least one strike. For example, posting on a spam thread that it will be 'locked' is not helpful and will also be considered as spam.

Please avoid posting repetitive posts and ASCII art. Also, please do not use ASCII art in your 'signature' - these being things automatically added to the end of all your posts.

Some examples of posts that are considered spam:

  • Posts that are off topic e.g. If the topic was 'How do I beat the second boss in Dr Phlogistan Saves the Earth?' and you posted about cheeseburgers, this would be spam.
  • Posts that are just a jumble of letters/symbols/numbers e.g. 98092;laldkjkajfhga.
  • Posts that have no value for discussion.
  • Posting 'THIS IS SPAM!' or anything like that on a topic.
  • Making duplicate threads (making three threads/posts that say 'What's the best weapon in Stellar Shard?' is spam).

Signatures are not to have over two lines of text. If a Forum Moderator deems that your signature could be classed as spam, they are allowed to ask users to remove the signature from further posts.

The Forums receive a lot of posts and, as a result, the threads move very quickly from the top of the lists to the bottom. By using 'bump' the player can effectively move their thread more towards the top of the list, therefore increasing the chances of players/buyers seeing the thread.

Bumping is not spamming as long as it is not done excessively. If you are in doubt as to whether to bump a post, always err on the side of caution and don't bump the thread.

Threads with no topic will be removed in the interest of making a forum shorter. It is also classed as spam, so please do not post this type of thread.

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3. I am a free player, how can I qualify to post on the forums?

Free players may post on the forums if they meet certain criteria.

To post on the FunOrb forums, a free player must have at least 42 Achievements.

To post on the RuneScape forums, a free player must have a total skill level of 350 or over.
For more information on Forum Moderators, please click here.

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