1. Why can't I see anyone talking?

Check you haven't accidentally changed the in-game configuration options so that nothing anyone says is displayed in the chat window - for instance, you have both your public and private chat set to 'Off'. These can be toggled from the bottom of the game window.

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2. I'm trying to log in but it says my username is already in use. What is happening?

There are two things that can cause this:

  • If you were playing a few minutes ago and didn't log out properly then your user may still be connected to the server. After a short while you will be logged out automatically, so wait a few minutes and then try again. Always remember to log out using the log-out button, as closing a FunOrb game down by another method means that you may lose your current position in the game you're playing.

  • If the servers seem to be working normally for everyone else and you still cannot log in after waiting a while, then someone may have your password and is using your account. To get more information about recovering your account please click here.

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3. I'm trying to log in but it says 'Unable to connect to server'. What should I do?

Try connecting to a different server - You can find a link to each game's servers on the game's 'More Info' page, just above the 'Description' button. If one of our servers is experiencing technical issues then this will solve the problem for you until we get it fixed.

If this doesn't fix your problem then:
A firewall on your network may be blocking your connection. Please ask your network administrator or ISP to open ports 43594 and 43595 (for TCP traffic, both Inbound and Outbound) which are used by our games. I'm afraid that there is nothing that we can do to help you with this, as it is a problem with the settings on your connection and not something wrong with our games.

If this doesn't fix your problem then:
Our servers may be temporarily offline for maintenance or an update; try waiting an hour and then try again.

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4. The game crashes whenever I visit certain maps or game areas. What can I do?

If your computer has more than 2 GB of memory (RAM) and you use Sun Java, you may be experiencing a fault in Sun Java which causes it to incorrectly detect how much memory your computer has.

If this doesn't apply, please try playing in low detail mode and see if this fixes your problem while in that area. If there is one particular area that always causes a problem, please send in a Bug Report to let us know.

To fix the issue of incorrect memory detection as mentioned above:

  • From the Start menu click Settings > Control Panel.

  • In the Control Panel, choose the Java option. This should open a window entitled Java Control Panel.

  • Under Java Applet Runtime Settings click the view button.

  • In the box entitled Java Runtime Parameters enter -Xmx256M.

  • Press OK to close the windows you opened.

  • Restart your computer to let the changes take effect.

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5. I'm having problems with the sound in FunOrb games. What should I do?

If you are having problems with the sound in any FunOrb games, please ensure that your soundcard has the latest drivers installed. You can do this by checking your soundcard manufacturer's website.

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