Changing your player name

It is possible to change the name of your character everywhere that other players can see it - e.g. on the forums, in the games, on Friends Lists, and so on. This is called your player name and is separate from your username (which you will always use to log into our games and forums). Changing your player name is a simple process and can be done through the Account Management section of the website under 'Change Player Name'. Note that you cannot change your player name while you are logged into a game.

Player names

There are some restrictions on who is able to change their player name and how often.

For instance, at present:

  • This feature is not available for accounts that are currently banned.
  • Names may only be changed once every 28 days.

Also, player names must not break our naming guidelines or breech our rules. Any account that repeatedly breaks our naming guidelines will lose the right to change its player name (and may be subject to further action).

As a reminder of some of these rules, player names:

  • Must not be offensive.
  • Must not be deceptive (e.g. no mod impersonation).
  • Must not include personal details.
  • Must not advertise other websites.

Also, player names:

  • Can be no more than 12 characters long.
  • Can include letters, numbers, spaces, underscores and dashes.
  • Must start and end with either a letter or number.
  • May not contain more than one consecutive punctuation character or space.
  • Are case sensitive, so you may capitalise them as you wish.

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