1. What is a Player Moderator?

Player Moderators (PMods) are champions of the community.

All Player Moderators are normal players of our games, just like you. They play because they enjoy the games and the community, and because they have shown themselves to be friendly and community minded, they have been invited by Jagex to be ambassadors of our games while they are playing.

Player Moderators usually play an active role in our games and have the ability to protect the community if itís needed. They are often those players who really make a difference to your daily gaming experience. With thousands of Player Moderators, youíre sure to spot one in one of our multiplayer lobbies, so donít be afraid to say 'hello'.

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2. What tools do Player Moderators have for their role?

Player Moderators have access to the Player Moderator Forum, where they can find out everything they need to know about being a PMod. This forum ensures that our Player Moderators have the guidance and advice they need, while enabling us to collect valuable feedback.

Player Moderators, just like all players, can report others when they see something that may harm the community. They are given guidance and have the additional ability to add a mute to a report for more serious issues. Jagex have a dedicated team who monitor and review every report received as a matter of priority to ensure that any actions taken by a Player Moderator are correct.

Player Moderator chat is visible even if your chat settings are set to 'off' or 'friends only'. Should you wish to ignore a Player Moderator's chat you will need to add them to your Ignore list. All FunOrb Player Moderators are also Player Moderators within RuneScape.

Here is an example of some in-game Player Moderator chat:

Player Moderator chat

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3. Do Player Moderators get paid or receive free membership?

Player Moderators are invited by Jagex and accept as volunteers; they are not Jagex employees. Player Moderators do not get free membership and get no in-game advantage within FunOrb.

Occasionally we may offer beta access for certain Jagex products to our moderators. This helps us to guarantee the quality of any of our products before release. Anything gained in beta will not be carried over to the game when it is released to the whole community.

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4. How does someone become a Player Moderator?

Player Moderators are all invited by Jagex. We take many different things into account when looking for prospective Player Moderators; we review personal gaming style and forum posts. We consider the validity of the playerís abuse reports and as well as how helpful and friendly they have been to other players in the game.

The likelihood of a player becoming a Player Moderator is not based on Rating levels or Orb Points. Itís very true that you will not see a player new to FunOrb given Player Moderator status, but it's also true that you may see some Player Moderators with lower Orb Points than you are expecting. We do check accounts fully before offering them Player Moderator status, so if you see the crown, the player is someone great.

We donít give out details on how close someone is to becoming a moderator, but rest assured that if you are a friendly, community-minded player weíll be sure to notice.

If you are selected for a Player Moderator invitation, a message will be sent to your Jagex secure message centre inviting you to register with us, so be sure to read any messages carefully. Once you have accepted and the confirmation has been received, you will get your silver crown and moderator abilities. Jagex never offers moderator status by external email, in-game or on third-party websites.

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5. Does Jagex take recommendations or applications to be a Player Moderator?

We don't usually accept applications or recommendations for Player Moderator status from players, although we're always keeping an eye out for the very best. Rest assured that if you or your friends are truly worthy, we will be sure to notice and may be in contact with an invitation.

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6. Does the fact I broke a rule stop me from becoming a Player Moderator?

If you have broken a rule in the past this does not necessarily end your chances of becoming a Player Moderator. We take a note of when the rule was broken, and whether the rule has been followed since. If our checks show that this is the case and that the player has made a positive impact on the game, it could result in the player being considered as a Player Moderator.

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7. Do Player Moderators have to help me?

It is up to the individual Player Moderator whether they offer in-game assistance or not. They are under no obligation to do this. They are generally friendly and helpful, so if they have time Iím sure theyíll point you in the right direction.

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8. Should I wait to tell a Player Moderator about a possible rulebreaking situation, or use the 'Report Abuse' button?

There is no need to call a Player Moderator to deal with an issue, as we empower all of our players with an Ignore list and the Report Abuse feature. Each player should use their own judgement and the game rules to choose whether to ignore or report in a rulebreaking situation.

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9. What should I do if a Player Moderator is abusive to me?

Player Moderators are subject to the same rules as other players. We recommend that you use your Report Abuse function to let us know should you come across a Player Moderator breaking a rule or abusing their status. Weíll be sure to view the report and deal with the situation appropriately.

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