1. What is a Forum Moderator?

A Forum Moderator is a champion of the forum community.

Jagexís forums are incredibly busy. Our players make tens of thousands of posts every single day. Although our staff are reading and posting on the forums 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the sheer popularity of the forums means itís still not possible for us to read absolutely everything that is posted, or to take immediate action on every single situation that requires it.

This is where the Forum Moderators come in. They are players who volunteer their time to help keep the forums fun and safe. Because there are many FMods, they are able to read and respond to a lot more forum posts than our staff members alone. They bring a lot of things (good and bad) to our attention. And if immediate action is necessary and appropriate, they can take that action.

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2. How does someone become a Forum Moderator?

Here at Jagex, members of the Community Management team use the forums 24 hours a day. We are constantly on the lookout for players who make a positive contribution to the forum community, so whenever we see a really great post from any player, we start to think about whether that player might make a good moderator.

Some things are common to all moderators. First of all, they need to be friendly, polite and respectful towards other people at all times. In particular, potential Forum Moderators need to be able to get into a debate with other players, express their own opinions in a reasonable way, and not react in the wrong way when other people disagree. Some people seem perfectly friendly until they run into a difference of opinion, then become hostile and abusive; these players wonít be picked as moderators. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly of all, a Forum Moderator needs a lot of common sense! Although we provide guidelines for them to follow, itís not possible to predict every single situation that could arise on the forums. A good moderator is someone who will be able to make a judgement call so that any possible situation will turn out in the best possible way for the community.

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3. Can I become a Forum Moderator?

Yes you can. Just use the forums as you normally would! We are constantly on the forums, so if you are making great posts that really show you would make a great moderator, thereís a very high chance that weíll spot you.

Please donít make posts asking Jagex to make you a Forum Moderator, or get in touch with existing Forum Moderators and ask them to recommend you. If you really would make a good moderator, we will notice you!

You also donít need to make a lot of reports on the Forum Help thread to be chosen as a moderator. Weíre not looking for a 'police force', or for people who go out of their way to find trouble!

Donít worry if your first language is not English. We have Forum Moderators from countries all over the world. As long as you can write well enough to be understood, you can become a moderator. Itís far more important that you display all the other good qualities weíre looking for, such as respect, patience and excellent judgement, than that you always use perfect English.

A lot of players think that they need to have a huge post count to become a moderator. This isnít true. Obviously the player has to have made some posts, as otherwise we wouldnít have anything to notice them by! But a large post count doesnít really show us very much by itself. Quality is far more important than quantity.

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4. If I have offences on my account, does this mean I canít become a moderator?

Not necessarily. We understand that people make mistakes, and that they can learn from those mistakes. Thatís why many relatively minor offences do degrade over time. So it is possible for a player with previous offences to become a moderator, if their more recent conduct shows that they have improved. But obviously, the best thing is to follow the rules at all times!

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5. How can I recognise a Forum Moderator?

Whenever a Forum Moderator makes a forum post, their text will appear on a green background and they will have the words 'Forum Mod' beneath their name. Forum Moderators donít have any distinguishing features in-game. Without even realising it, you might be playing against a Forum Moderator next time youíre in-game!

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6. Do Forum Moderators receive any benefits?

Forum Moderators donít receive free membership, or any items or XP in-game. Occasionally we may offer beta access for certain Jagex products to our moderators. This helps us to guarantee the quality of any of our products before release. Anything gained in beta will not be carried over to the game when it is released to the whole community.

Moderators do have the ability to communicate somewhat more freely with Jagex staff than other players can. There is a private area of the forums that is only visible to Forum Moderators and Jagex Moderators. They also have access to a number of tools that non-moderators donít have.

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7. What tools do Forum Moderators have for their role?

Forum Moderators can lock threads. This would typically be used to cut short an inappropriate or offensive discussion. It can also be done at the request of a thread author Ė for example, if the thread was asking a question that has now been answered, or if their clan has created a new thread and the old one is no longer needed. FMods can also hide posts. Again, this would typically be necessary if the posts contained material that was inappropriate, offensive, gave away personal details, etc.

They can Ďescalateí threads to bring them to the attention of staff members. This may be because the thread contains serious rulebreaking, or because it needs an answer that can only be given by an official member of staff, and so on. They can move threads from one forum to another, so if someone has accidentally put their thread in the wrong forum, an FMod can put it in the right one.

They can edit the title of any thread. This may be done at the request of the thread owner (e.g. to correct a typo), or it may be to remove offensive content from the title. Please note that Forum Moderators cannot edit the contents of other playersí posts, just the titles. Only Jagex staff members can edit the contents of any post.

And finally, FMods can mute people from the forums if necessary Ė for example, if a forum user is making posts that are severely offensive or disruptive. This isnít a punishment for the muted player Ė itís a way of protecting the rest of the community from anything else that they might have gone on to post.

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8. Can Forum Moderators give me an in-game mute?

No, Forum Moderators cannot mute your game account. If you are muted on the forums, you are not automatically muted in our games. Jagex staff can, however, choose to extend a forum mute into the games if necessary. This will also add an offence to the playerís Offence History.

Generally this is only necessary in the case of serious offences, such as posts containing racism or very abusive language. We can also issue in-game offences if a player repeatedly makes inappropriate or offensive posts, however. Lots of minor rulebreaking can be just as disruptive as a smaller amount of major rulebreaking.

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9. How do the Forum Moderators know what to do? And can they mute anyone they want to?

There is a section of the forums that can only be accessed by Forum Moderators and Jagex staff. In this area, we provide guidelines for the moderators to follow. These help to make sure that they all act consistently.

The moderators also use this area of the forums to discuss situations with Jagex staff, ask questions, or even request that a Jagex staff member get involved if necessary. So if a Forum Moderator ever says to you ďI donít know, but I will ask a JMod for youĒ, they will probably use the private FMod forum to get our attention.

They canít just mute anyone they feel like. The guidelines give them guidance about when a mute is necessary, and in fact, a mute is always the last resort, not the first. We encourage the moderators to try and turn every negative situation around by promoting posts that are more positive and constructive.

Also, all mutes are reviewed immediately by the Community Management team. If we believe someone was muted incorrectly, we will remove the mute straight away. We will then give the moderator some individual feedback so that they know what to do the next time they encounter a similar situation.

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10. Arenít the Forum Moderators just killjoys, a Ďforum police forceí, who go looking for people to mute?

Not at all. The Forum Moderators are there to help keep the forums fun and safe. When we choose moderators, we are definitely not looking for police!

In fact, what is often overlooked is that the moderators also let us know about the good stuff they find!

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11. Can Forum Moderators help me with my ban appeal/password recovery/billing question?

No, these can only be dealt with by Jagex staff. Please check out the 'Contact Us' forum for details about how to contact us with your specific issue.

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