You can check the status of your queries by clicking on 'Read Messages' in the Account Management section. You can also log in to check for billing reminders and other notices that Jagex may send out periodically. This will bring up a screen like this:

Your Message Centre

The inbox keeps track of your communications with Jagex staff, breaking them down into three types:

  • Received
  • Sent
  • Read

Any message in the 'Received' category indicates that there is a new message from Jagex for you. You should open the message immediately.

Messages in 'Sent' are those messages that you have replied to, or queries that you have sent, but have not yet received a reply.

You will also notice two buttons at the end of each conversation:
View Message icon This button will open the message so that you can read it.
Delete Message icon This button will delete the conversation in its entirety. You can always delete messages in the 'Read' folder, and you may delete messages in the 'Sent' folder if they have not been assigned to a staff member yet. You might like to do this if you work out the answer to your query before Jagex sends you a reply.

Sending a reply

When you open a message (by clicking on the subject or the 'read' icon to the right of the message), you will be directed to a page like this:

Message exchange

As you can see, this will contain all of the messages on this topic from both yourself and Jagex. If you feel you need to send a reply, you can click 'Send Reply' (in yellow, below the most recent message). This will open a message box that you can type your message into before clicking 'Send'. Note that there is a 400-character limit on your messages.

If the 'Send Reply' link is not there, this is because Jagex has decided that there is no need for you to respond. If you have further queries you will need to start a fresh conversation by sending in a new query.

Not all of your messages will receive a personal reply from Jagex, as we may be able to fix your problem or resolve your query without finding it necessary to reply. As a result, these messages may be moved from your 'Sent' folder to your 'Read' folder.

You can log in to your inbox via the Account Management page.

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