1. Introduction

If, in the course of play, you come into contact with another player whose behaviour you consider offensive or aggressive, the best course of action is to add the player to your Ignore List, or adjust your chat settings, so they cannot continue to bother you. Sometimes, however, you might encounter players whose behaviour is particularly offensive, or who break the Rules of FunOrb, in which case you can use the Report Abuse feature to report the player to the Jagex Player Support team.

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2. Before you report

Before you report another player, you should first make sure that they are actually in breach of the Rules of FunOrb. The Player Support team review all abuse reports and have a great deal of experience, so if in doubt, submit a report.

If you decide to report another player, your report should contain evidence of the offensive act or rules-breach. If your report does not contain this evidence, we will not be able to take any action against the player. You should submit your report as soon as the act takes place, and not discuss it with other players first.

Finally, before you submit any kind of report, please take the time to read over the following:

  • If the chat filter has starred-out one or more words, you do not need to report the player that used the starred-out language.
  • The term “noob” is often used by players of online games, and is not particularly offensive. You do not need to report players who use this term to refer to you or someone else.
  • Reporting other players who you know not to have committed an offence, either as a joke or as a way of deliberately inconveniencing them, is considered a misuse of the report abuse system, and may result in your being penalised.
  • Provoking other players with offensive language or behaviour and then reporting them when they retaliate is considered a misuse of the report abuse system, and may result in your being penalised. Our logs will clearly show what took place before the report was submitted, and who instigated the incident.
  • Knowingly submitting any kind of false report is considered a misuse of the report abuse system, and may result in your being penalised.

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3. Submitting your report

To submit an abuse report, simply right-click on the name of the player you wish to report while in game. A new window will open, from which you will be able to select the offence committed by the player. You will also have the option to temporarily add the player to your Ignore List, allowing you to ignore them until you log out of the game.

Report Abuse button

Please do not submit more than one abuse report for each incident. We can get all the information we need from a single report, and submitting multiple reports simply slows down the process of reviewing your reports.

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4. After you report

The Player Support team review all submitted abuse reports, but not all abuse reports will result in action being taken against the reported player. This may be because the Player Support team decide that the reported player is not in fact guilty of committing an offence, or because there was insufficient evidence of wrongdoing in your report. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to penalise a player lies with the Player Support team, so please do not submit a second abuse report if your first report is not acted on.

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