Build your own spaceship - and take it to battle!


  • Build your own physically-simulated spaceships
  • Battle and build in 4v4 real-time, multiplayer matches
  • Join a match mid-game - a new feature for FunOrb


Void Hunters: it's all about hunting in the vast void of space. Hunting, that is, with a custom-built spaceship, constructed from only the very best battlefield scrap. Use Sandbox Mode to build the mean, lean space fighter of your dreams, then take it online to destroy other Void Hunters' ships in an epic multiplayer battleground.


1. How do I make my ship more awesome?

Build a ship that suits your play style. The best ships have firepower, armour, manoeuvrability and style.

2. What's with all these game modes?

Each round, players can vote to decide which mission to play next. More game modes will be released over time.

3. What are mutators?

After the mission has been chosen, players get 3 votes to choose mutators (or modifiers) that will affect the map they will play on.

4. What are special orders?

Some ship components can be activated only with special orders. These appear on the HUD and can be activated with the mouse or shortcut keys.

5. How do I win?

Win rounds by completing the mission objectives. Use teamwork and the debris around you to gain the advantage. There is currently no round limit.

6. Can I save my favourite ships?

Ships built in single-player or multiplayer modes can be saved as blueprints. Blueprints can be reconstructed from debris, or spawned in blueprint missions. Subscribers can save blueprints permanently.

7. What are the minimum specifications for this game?

The minimum specifications we recommend for this game are:

  • 1.5 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
  • 256 MB RAM

The recommended specifications for getting the most out of this game are:

  • 1.5 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
  • 1 GB RAM

Below is an explanation of the terms in our technical specifications.

Megahertz (MHz) / Gigahertz (GHz) is a measure of how fast your computer's processor is. This affects how quickly you can run things like games and applications.

Megabytes (MB) are used to measure how much memory your computer has. This affects how quickly your computer runs when using large programs such as games, or when you run a lot of programs at once.

Click here to get the latest version of Sun Java.

FunOrb Members' Benefits

Members get:

  • Persistent blueprint saves
  • 4 members-only chassis
  • Multiplayer sandbox mode
  • Use your favourite ships in multiplayer by unlocking blueprint missions

Development Team

Development: Duncan S, Tom P, Mirza J
Graphics: Jess H, Adam S, Anthony A, Peter S, David H
Audio: Sam J
Quality Assurance: Mirza J, Ken W L, Michael T, Nicola C, Joe C
Editing: Gabriel M

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