1. Can I play with/against a Jagex Moderator?

Yes, you can play against Jagex Moderators, but please remember to be polite.

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2. Do Jagex Moderators get paid?

Yes. Jagex Moderators work at Jagex. You will see Jagex Moderators from varying departments in the games, such as members of the QA team checking the game or Customer Support staff interacting with the community.

For a full list of staff credits, click here.

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3. Can Jagex Moderators hand out Achievements, etc?

No. Jagex Moderators cannot give out Achievements - these must be earned by players. Also, they can not hand out items in our multiplayer roleplaying game, RuneScape. Please DO NOT ask Jagex Moderators for Achievements or items as this just stops us answering more relevant questions from other players.

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4. Do Jagex Moderators have to help me?

When you see a Jagex Moderator in a game, they will endeavour to answer any questions you may have.

Please note that some Jagex Moderators will not be there to answer questions, but will be investigating a specific breach of the Rules of Conduct or a possible bug. If a Jagex Moderator does not respond, please do not be offended, as they are working at making our games better for everyone.

If you do not get an answer to your question, try looking on the FunOrb website for one.

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5. Do Jagex staff members play FunOrb games?

Yes. Many of our staff members enjoy playing FunOrb games too. Please note that when Jagex staff do play FunOrb games for fun, it is on a normal account. Jagex Moderator accounts cannot be used to play FunOrb games, they can only be used for work-related purposes. Unfortunately, we cannot give out the names of our personal accounts, as this may jeopardise staff privacy.

Remember that no actual member of Jagex staff will tell you that they are a Jagex Moderator while they are playing on their normal account. If someone says this in a game, you should report them for Jagex Staff Impersonation by clicking the Report Abuse button.

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6. How do I become a Jagex Moderator?

The only way to become a Jagex Moderator is to be employed by Jagex. This means that you will need to be successful in an application for one of our available positions. After you have started working, you will be given a Jagex Moderator account for work purposes. We do not upgrade personal accounts to Jagex Moderators and you cannot use Jagex Moderator accounts to play FunOrb games.

For more information on employment at Jagex, please click here.

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7. What is a Jagex Moderator?

A Jagex Moderator is a member of Jagex staff, from one of our various teams. Most likely, they will be members of our Customer Support team, in game to answer your questions and ensure that everyone is enjoying the game, or to investigate serious rule-breaking.

Jagex Moderators will ALWAYS have a gold crown next to any chat messages they send in a game. They are also the only people that can have the word 'Mod' at the start of their account names. These things will help you to identify Jagex Moderators.

Jagex Moderator chat

If you see ANYONE saying they are a member of Jagex staff in game who does not have the gold crown next to their chat messages, you should immediately report them for Jagex Staff Impersonation, by clicking the Report Abuse button. This also applies if a player says that their 'other account' is a Jagex Moderator. We do not have undercover staff, nor will a moderator crown ever be 'in processing'.

If you are in doubt about what to do when another player says they are a Jagex Moderator, report them anyway. A real Jagex Moderator will then be able to deal with the report.

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