Rules of FunOrb > Knowingly exploiting a bug
Effective date: 12th May 2009

You must not use or attempt to use any cheats or errors which you find in our software. Any exploits which you find must be immediately reported to Jagex through Customer Support.

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Below are some related questions which may help you to further understand and follow this rule:

1. Why do we have this rule?

We have put a lot of effort into balancing our games to make them as fair and fun as possible. Unintended bugs can spoil the effect of a game, so we obviously want to fix them as quickly as possible. Deliberately taking advantage of a bug can unbalance the game or devalue other players' efforts, therefore it is against the rules.

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2. What if I find a bug by accident? I don't want to get banned for accidentally discovering a bug!

As long as you report the bug to us straight away, don't tell anyone else until we fix it, and don't use the bug any more, then you WON'T get in trouble. Indeed, we will be very grateful. If you don't tell us, or deliberately use it again and again, then you would be breaking the rule.

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3. How do I report a bug?

You can report a bug by going to the homepage, hovering over the 'Help' button and clicking on 'Submit a Bug Report'.

When filling out the Bug Report form please make sure you include as much detail as possible. This will help us find the bug and fix it as soon as possible. After the form has been filled out it will be sent to a member of Jagex staff to investigate. Please note that Jagex does not give rewards to players that report bugs.

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4. Are there any cheats for any of the Jagex games?

There are no cheat codes available for any of our games, nor do we have any intention of adding them. All gains have to be made fairly and via honest game play; any usage of cheats or bugs, or attempting to discover the existence of any cheats or bugs, is a direct violation of these Rules of Conduct.

Please do not send in requests for such information.

To keep FunOrb enjoyable for everyone, please observe and follow our rules. We will not tolerate disruptive players, and if you break our rules your account is likely to be banned or muted. Members who are banned or muted for breaking our rules are not entitled to any sort of refund.

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