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Earth has mastered interstellar travel. Aliens have mastered everything else. You get to do something about that.

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Confined Features
  • 24 levels
  • 6 bosses
  • 9 different weapons
  • 18 different power-ups
  • 18 mind-expanding achievements
  • Lots of alien attack patterns
  • One very long tunnel
  • Keyboard or mouse control
  • Play for FREE!


The human race has mastered long-distance space travel, and you have been sent to the fifth planet of the system of Yonderia on a mission of utmost importance.

The alien inhabitants have some highly advanced weapons technology, but they are confined to their planet: they have yet to break the light speed barrier. If we steal their technology, they won't be able to follow us. Your mission is to pilot your ship in the confined space of their tunnels, blow them up, and take everything they have.

Filled with colourful effects, detailed sound and lavish pyrotechnics, Confined is an immersive 3D experience you'll keep coming back to again and again.

Perguntas frequentes

1. I am having trouble with the mouse control. Can you help?

The key is to make sure you point the mouse to whatever you want to fly towards. So if you want to shoot an alien, point the mouse at the alien. As your ship turns, the alien will move closer to the centre of the screen, and you have to move your mouse to the centre with it. Hope that helps!

Don't forget that mouse control is only activated if you click on the game. You can also control your ship with the arrow keys.

2. Why do I keep missing power-ups?

You might think Father Dougal McGuire was alone in his inability to tell the difference between a toy sheep ("small") and a real sheep ("far away"), but if both were floating in the middle of a cavernous tunnel, most people would have trouble with this. The problem is, until the power-ups are placed on a table and their shadows are visible, you will have difficulty judging whether they are small or far away compared to your ship. As you continue to play the game, you will instinctively learn how big they are and will find it easier to collect them. (I'm ignoring two things here: the benefit you get from having two eyes, which you don't get with this game; and the obvious clue that one of the sheep is flailing its legs in discomfort and the other is not.)

In the meantime, if this is a particular frustration, you could try opening the Pause Menu (by pressing Esc during a game) and switching to internal view for a while. You will still find the external view useful at times though.

3. My gun stops firing when I need it most!

Keep an eye on your Ready Energy Meter at the bottom (it's the gold one). It drains as you fire, and if you are failing to fire, it is probably because this meter is running out. Part of the skill of piloting your ship is in only firing when you need to: after all, it's better for the environment.

4. Why can't I press Space to fire?

We have found that many keyboards will not tell the rest of the computer if the user is pressing Left Arrow, Up Arrow and Space all at the same time. Whichever key is pressed last goes unnoticed. It's called 'ghosting' and is a result of how the keys are wired up. So, if we responded to Space at all, then people would have trouble flying diagonally up to the left and firing, and they would never realise that Ctrl was an option. Keys like Shift, Ctrl and Alt, on the other hand, tend to be better at coexisting since they have to be. That's why we chose Ctrl.

5. Where did this game come from?

Confined goes back a long way. Ben's first four games at Jagex were, in this order, Crazy Crystals, Confined, Escape Vector and Deko Bloko. All these games began development in 2004. When we later defined the FunOrb identity itself, we found that these early games all needed achievements adding, menu layout and operation tweaked, and a makeover from our new dedicated FunOrb graphics team before they could go out into the world. Crazy Crystals, Escape Vector and Deko Bloko all received this treatment in quick succession and were released on 7 May, 3 June and 22 October 2008 respectively. Ben then had to move on to other projects, and sadly Confined had to be left behind.

However, Ben was at Jagex the whole time and never forgot about it. He spent the last month or two of 2011 feverishly tying up all its loose ends, balancing the game, polishing up the look of the menus, creating the instructions pages, and designing a tantalising array of achievements. He was then busy for the next three years, but he found time at home in the evenings to draw the achievement icons. Finally, at the end of 2014, he found some more time to put together the website elements for the game and tried to launch it without anyone noticing. But a kindred spirit noticed his renegade activities, and it was agreed that if he could also update the Java certificates on all the other games at the same time, then he would have all the support he needed to get Confined out there. And here we are, launched - ten years after inception!

6. Quais são as especificações mínimas para este jogo?

As especificações mínimas recomendadas para este jogo são:

  • 1.0 GHz
  • 128 MB de RAM

As especificações recomendadas para aproveitar ao máximo este jogo são:

  • 1.5 GHz
  • 256 MB de RAM

Abaixo você encontrará uma explicação dos termos das nossas especificações técnicas.

Megahertz (MHz) / Gigahertz (GHz) é uma medida que define a velocidade do processador do computador. Isso afeta a rapidez com que você pode executar jogos e aplicativos, por exemplo.

Os Megabytes (MB) são usados para medir a quantidade de memória do computador. Isso afeta a rapidez com que o computador é executado ao usar programas grandes, como jogos, ou quando você executa vários programas ao mesmo tempo.

Clique aqui para obter a última versão do Sun Java.

Development Team

Development: Ben D
Graphics: Joe R, Neil R, Kris F, Thomas W, John S, Anthony A, Ben D
Audio: Ian T, Ben D
Quality Assurance: Ben D
Translation: -

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